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Wolf's Den

Bi-Polar Thought of the Hour

17 December 1962
I like to think of myself as an introverted extrovert, a cautious free-spirit... oh, just think of me as "eccentric" and you've pretty much got me nailed.

I've had more jobs/careers than most older retired men have nose hairs (I can get bored easily... I like challenging work that helps people grow). I've got 3 Associate Degrees, 2 BS Degrees, a plethora of "certifications" and nothing that can be considered (from a historical view) a serious long-term vocation. I've always got several irons in the fire at once. So, you may want to call me "eclectic" as well. My wife's family members have more colorful definitions of me...

All I really want to do is write and work around the entertainment industry. I've managed to procrastinate for two decades now, on the pretense that I "wasn't ready" yet. Then, with the unintentional help of a few new friends with accounts at LJ, I realized that this was the perfect venue for exercising my desire to scribe, without having to worry about anyone being forced to read my drivel. What a concept! I can puke all over the page and go to sleep content at night whenever I wish... which could be every day... or every few months. I know several professional actors and writers personally, but choose to keep them as "friends" and not as networking tools.

My work currently involves management of several marketing agents for a financial company and career finder (read as: Headhunter) teams for various recruiting companies. When time permits, I still edit and provide ghostwriting services for a local literary agency. I have also worked in Executive Protection (read as "body guard") and industrial security. Remember the movie, "Sneakers?" Well, that is similar to what I did before when I wasn't doing undercover fraud investigations. I've also had the fun and honor (while in the military) of protecting such prior notables as: Ronald Reagan, Vice President Bush, The Secretary of State, The Prime Minister of China, The Prime Minister of India, Prince Charles and Lady Diana (she hit him over the head with her purse for being a jerk to the crowd during my assignment), Tom Selleck, the deposed President Marcos and his shoe hoarding wife, and a plethora of other VIP types going yonder and hither. And NO, Whitney has never been in love with me... nor do I even remotely look like Kevin Costner.

I've held many other positions, most of them involving helping people... but you simply wouldn't believe me if I told you.

So what do I do when I'm not playing secret agent or managing marketing agents? I am an avid fan of all things Sci Fi and/or related to gaming (role playing games, LARPS, board games, on-line computer gaming, paint ball, laser tag, etc.), writing and acting. I recently started a non-profit org. called Lance-A-Lot Entertainment. It is my dream to one day find enough funding to build a dedicated gaming convention center (somewhere near silicon valley) tailor made for LARPS, miniatures, board gamers, massive computer LANs, SCA events, "geek" movie marathons, and outdoor paintball courses. There would be offices and frontage for game shops and related gaming companies to economically house themselves right on location (Hell, we might even throw in a laundry mat and tavern). My wife calls this pipe dream "geek paradise." Worse things happen in the world... at least I'm willing to try. Friends soon find out that if you want something to happen, just tell me that I can't do it. I avoid negative people and their paradigms. I LOVE creative people and positive free-thinkers.

I find that people who gravitate to Sci Fi and role-playing games are almost always highly intelligent and creative. These are the people I try to befriend and would choose to save from an asteroid collision in a fallout shelter (except possibly for that certain brand of social retard that has failed to grasp the concept of personal hygiene... anyone acquainted with rpg's and walking past these people draped over hotel lobby chairs after the second night of a gaming convention knows what I mean). Given my preference, the famous biblical passage would/should read: "The geek(s) shall inherit the Earth."

I've lived all over the world (while in the military... two different branches), but keep ending up in my hometown of Marysville, CA. It has the dubious distiction of being named after a cannibal (Mary Covilaud of the infamous Donner Party). Marysville was once much larger than San Francisco or Sacramento during the gold rush era, but much like its namesake, died off and was systematically reduced by its own community to a cannibalized and lifeless town of 12,000. It's a sad place to live... but it's been home more times than I care to admit. For the moment, I have once again escaped...

So that's me in a nutshell. A dreamweaver and part-time guardian angel looking for like-minded people to share my moments of inspiration and days of frustrating boredom with.

You will typically see a picture of a Wolf as my avatar, simply because "wolf" has been my only real nickname for as long as I can remember. I love wolves, write wolf poetry, and collect all things wolf. I've never met a wolf (or dog) that did not like me. I understand the wolf spirit.
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